Windows presents the opportunity to gain free entry into a series of rad shows.

As you might have gathered, Windows has tapped Matt and KimThe Drums and other potent up-and-coming artists for a free concert series, and if you agree to let them advertise their phone to you, they’ll gladly compensate you with free show entry in return. The company is running the promotion on their Facebook page – we’ve grabbed a screenshot of the entry form so you can decide whether you want to give them your phone number / permission to send you not one but two emails. As printed on the flyer, here are the show dates:

11-7 – Matt and Kim – New York, NY
11-11 – The Drums – Chicago, IL
11-16 – Young the Giant – Dallas, TX
11-30 – MuteMath – Los Angeles, CA
12-6 – Best Coast – San Francisco, CA

Best to act quickly – we expect there to be limited space, which leads to grumpy fans when they start turning people away. RSVP now and don’t be the one to get shafted!