Portugal. The Man via WTSR

Best Music Reviews: All the shows we wish we saw this past week.


Portishead via losanjealous

Victor at Losanjealous reviewed the Portishead concert on 10/19 at the Shrine Expo Hall. As a witness to their full career arc, he reflects on their visionary talent and how their sporadic appearances in (and recessions from) the public consciousness has helped sculpt their legacy. The hook alone intrigued us:

I remember reading somewhere—years back, can’t remember where—a line that Portishead would suffer for creating their own genre. What exactly would constitute “suffering” in this context wasn’t clear, but the notion that they were creating their own sound (it didn’t quite evolve into a full blown genre, for that there would have to be other comparable artists in their class and there just aren’t any) was fairly prescient and has more or less played out, nearly 20 years on. Few bands exist so fiercely on their own terms.

Fleet Foxes via LA Record

Fleet Foxes

The Henry Miller Library is a magical place, tucked out in a coastal strip of forest halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Such a beautiful place receives an appropriately poetic treatment from Kate Rentz over on LA Record:

As a lover of the outdoors, this became my soundtrack. When I decided to take a 1400 mile trip up and down California’s scenic Highway 1 in 2008, I drove the winding roads through the mountains and thick fog, listening and contemplating life and my environment. It was as if the stillness of the ocean and the clouds hovering over it were made to accompany the music. The tall tunnel of redwoods seemed in tune as well.

CMJ 2011

CMJ 2011

We’d be remiss to do one of these features without some mention of New York’s prized behemoth of a music festival, CMJ. WTSR abandons the long, heady review format in favor of a rapid-fire recap of the self-described “music marathon.” If you missed CMJ, take note of their list of breakout bands – everyone’s trying to pick ’em, and we think WTSR’s on the right track.