DJ Shadow inside the Shadowsphere

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140 character chunks.

Everyone has a category for DJ Shadow. He’s a mindfuck, he’s old-school, an OG (original gangster). But @djgoldfinger’s classification might help explain all the others: as the “Pink Floyd of the DJ world,” Shadow’s multi-sensory live experience and ceaseless dedication to experimentation have kept him around the game as countless others have faded from the spotlight. When you run into a man who is constantly trying to best himself, you get the pleasure of seeing crazy shit like the huge metal cocoon (pictured above) Shadow calls his DJ booth these days. (That’s the Shadowsphere, and it’s custom-built to collapse and stow away on plane trips, if you were wondering.)

Shadow’s veteran status translates into well-honed chops and a massive back catalogue, and together they form the recipe for an amazing show.

But will you forget him in the morning, @bcdaeiou? Lovers talk the talk, soulmates walk the walk.