Chris Brown review via Twitter

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

Look at that that adorable dog up there! And the puppy is pretty cute too. (Ooohh snap.) When Chris Brown visited the Sleep Train Pavilion last night, he was greeted by an audience intoxicated off his smoothfaced charm. Enraptured fans offered their hearts (plus some unprintable things) to Brown via Twitter, as he and his cohorts (Bow Wow and Tyga) seemingly made all of Concord, CA before the night was up. Except @theDOPEkidCHRIS, who skipped the evening to entertain his fascination with projectiles. I’ll never understand some people.

All in all, the concert elicited a frenzied admiration from Brown’s followers. One thing though: I want to know why Rickey Henderson has to wait in line to meet Brown. 1400+ stolen bases don’t get you into Hollywood parties? You need a better PR rep, Rickey.

@SqueakyBlonde, I think I found you 10,000 new suitors, which should make you feel a little better. Or maybe worse.