MC Hammer launches new Search Engine, WireDoo.

Is MC Hammer‘s new search engine WireDoo a Google killer? Could I wrestle a hungry ferocious bear into submission? Oh, I can’t? Well damnit, somebody should have told me before I started draping bacon all over his snout!

Yes, MC Hammer believes he can be a contender in the search game. (What.) Billboard reports that Hammer presented Wiredoo at the Web 2.0 Summit, with the helpful explanation, “you can always make things better.”

Described as a “deep” or “relationship” search, the service is currently in pre-beta under Hammer’s Alchemist MMA.

Hammer points to the rise of Google and the latest iterations of Apple’s iPhone as his rationale for launching another search. And Hammer does think WireDoo will fill a gap in the market.

He explained that this particular method of searching will connect keywords to related tropics. The more intuitive platform has been in the works at Alchemist for over two years.

The article goes on to cite Hammer’s involvement in several web startups in the past, but none of those startups voluntarily locked horns with one of the Internet Big Four (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). You could give me bear-proof gloves in that wrestling match, but it would only postpone the inevitable.