Twitter, Twitter! Smashing Pumpkins

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

As the Smashing Pumpkins descended on Terminal 5 in New York last night, a potent theme emerged from the woodwork: nostalgia. Whether you totally loved them in the 90s, or thought they were totally garbage in the 90s, the point remains that Smashing Pumpkins were a talkworthy figure for those who went through 90s teenagedom. They’re still talkworthy, but do they still impress? For every @markilepsy who abhors them, there’s a @fkarbowski who might well credit Billy Corgan with shaping huge parts of his life. What is it about the Smashing Pumpkins that makes them so divisive?

One of the few reviews that didn’t resort to extremes came from @sparkybutts. He aptly characterized the show as “the weirdest,” which sums up that awkward “am I still allowed to like this?” cognitive limbo that comes with the whole nostalgia territory.

I’m being told this loosely translates to “Look at all the white boys.”

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