DAMNDOGS interview

Australian-formed band, DAMNDOGS are ready to take over the states as they are set to headline New York’s CMJ Music Marathon 2011 starting tonight! With their Strange Behaviour EP out now, Chris Cester, Mitch McIvor, Mark Wilson, and Louis Macklin are clearly on the brink of something big. These Aussies are not new to the scene, however, as two of the band members made up half of JET, (Cester and Wilson). The reviews are in, and across the board, DAMNDOGS are being called “dark and dancey,” with complicated beats and an intentional lack of genre, you will want to, scratch that need to, listen to. Their Facebook Bio sums up their sound better than any reviewer could: “DAMNDOGS carve out a bombastic warpath to the dancefloor, conjuring images of Gorillaz in a coke-fueled fistfight with the Beastie Boys at a Clash show in one of Andy Warhol’s factories.”

For those of you with DJ aspirations, check out the DAMNDOGS remix contest, where you can submit your personal remixes of their hit songs. If you submit by October 27th your remix will be considered for a chance to win prizes that include impressive music mixing software and hardware. While your unconscious brain plans out the acts to catch for CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival 2011, and simultaneously nabs synths for your first DAMNDOGS remix, let your conscious brain get to know DAMNDOGS as they answered our questions below:

Thrillcall: If you were to rate your popularity, how would you compare to The Beatles?

DAMNDOGS: If the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus,” then we’re easily bigger than L.Ron Hubbard.

Thrillcall: What band inspires you, especially when it comes to your genre?

DAMNDOGS: We’re trying hard not to be in a genre…without trying to sound elitist or something like that. We’re just as inspired by mad Latino records as we are ghostface killah.

Thrillcall: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

DAMNDOGS: I’d love to take this band to new, or previously untapped, places that don’t rely on apps to tell them what’s cool. Ex-Soviet states?! Who knows…we’re building this block by block and without labels and charts…the exciting thing is that we have no idea where we will be. Hopefully there are lots of people there with us…wherever it is.

Thrillcall: What is the fastest time you have had from writing a song from scratch and having it recorded and finished in the studio?

DAMNDOGS: Probably “Dog One,” our first tune. How long does it take to plug in and press record?

Thrillcall: If you were not a musician what other career would you want to have?

DAMNDOGS:  Tough. Cartographer! Fucken love maps. Maps!!

Thrillcall: What are some of the differences between your home-based fans in Austrailia, and your US fans?

DAMNDOGS: It’s pretty similar. Leave the big cities and everyones mad for it…go back to them, and people prefer crossing their arms and ‘discussing.’

Thrillcall: What is your favorite song to play on stage and why?

DAMNDOGS: Cocaine. Louis invented an instrument for that one, the ‘swoopaphone’…it’s like jamming on the Hoth system. Our favourite gig would be anywhere with a big Fuck-Off PA system. We aim to rattle rafters, teeth and bones. It’s a good time. We don’t jump around like bunny rabbits but we try and bring the backstage party to the audience.