Is Coachella in danger?

Is Coachella in danger of being postponed or cancelled? Residents of Indio, CA, already miffed over Coachella’s negative environmental and quality-of-life impact, have taken the festival to task for expanding to a two-weekend format in 2012. The city counsel is demanding an environmental review of the festival, which for the time being has forced Indio to postpone inking a contract with Coachella organizers Goldenvoice.

As LA Weekly reports:

​The city of Indio has postponed signing a contract with Coachella festival promoter and organizer Goldenvoice […] following La Quinta City Council’s request for them to delay approval of the contract. La Quinta wants Indio and Goldenvoice to conduct an assessment under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to evaluate the environmental impact of traffic, noise and pollution generated by the festival, owing to the fact that its length will be doubled this year, to two weekends in April. If Indio complies, the review process could extended well beyond Coachella’s scheduled opening date.

We believe there’s no real reason to panic – as the article notes, Coachella’s accountants can surely “find” a chunk of the festival’s $35 million annual revenue to “appease” La Quinta’s concerns. Don’t discount the power of the vocal few, though, who drop some pretty curt soundbites for the vagabonds who crash their city for three days. That number should double to six this year, though for now it sits at zero.

What do you think? Are La Quinta’s residents justified in blocking proceedings for a stuffy little environmental review, or should we be allowed to trample their turf in the name of getting our festival on? Tell us in the comments.