Peter hook wants to "fuck over" New Order.

This just in: New Order members are buried in a pretty intense argument over who’s allowed to play New Order songs on their solo tours. Bassist Peter Hook seems to be the instigator, as reported in the CMU Beef of the Week, claiming that “New Order without him isn’t New Order.” Get ready for a classic case of pot/kettle, though…

[In 2010, Hook] opened a new venue in the city, FAC 251 – The Factory, named after the band’s former record label and situated in its old offices. One of the earliest events at the new club saw Hook and his new band The Light perform Joy Division’s debut album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis.

We get the feeling the term “cognitive dissonance” isn’t in Hook’s vocabulary. In spite of the double standard, Hook was still indignant in a recent interview with

“I’m all the more determined to fuck New Order over in any possible way I can”, which seems a little harsh. But he goes on: “What they’ve done to me, to tour as New Order, is frankly disgusting. I don’t mind them touring as New Order, if they’d come to me and said that… but I think that people are intelligent enough to know that it’s not. New Order Mark 1 was with Gillian; New Order Mark 2 was without Gillian, and now you’ve got New Order Mark 3, which is without me. They’re different New Orders.”

Hook actually comes tantalizingly close to pointing out how futile all of this is. He’d be all the way there, were it not for his bullheaded inability to take the high road.

Still, part way through his lengthy rant Hook does have a brief moment of clarity. “Musicians are renowned for focusing on stupid, petty arguments,” he notes. “The things that Bernard and I are arguing about are absolutely fucking pathetic, and I’m hoping that some grown up will come into the schoolyard and stop it.”

Somebody – but not him.

The entire article is worth a read, as it offers plenty of fascinating context leading up to the spat.