Twitter, Twitter! Cut Copy

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

Cut Copy‘s In Ghost Colours, released just in time for my lazy summer of 2008, evoked a certain sweaty kind of nostalgia which felt synonymous to the season itself. Three years on, riding the strength of 2011’s Zonoscope, their live act still dominates these glory months – a perfect companion to the sweet, open-ended laziness that, along with the heat, permeates us all.

Clearly having ridden the show pony once or twice before, @Landonthemoon had the right idea in offering his sweat a variety of exit plans from the stifling confines of his clothes. We can only hope all you multilayered fashionistas followed his sage advice. Elsewhere, something about the performance instilled Shakespeare’s ghost into @KidReal02, and @toddfasen reports on the crowd’s startling inability to formulate megaburns. Come on, Our Nation’s Youth, we’re supposed to be the bright ones here.

Your creep detector’s broken, Mackenzie.