Pitchfork Forms Festival in New York

Forms Festival 2012 – Pitchfork launches a music & video games fest in February 2012. Gaming has infiltrated all but the most stoneheaded sectors of society, rapidly approaching the levels of acceptance and legitimacy of other, more established artforms. Now, it infiltrates the music festival scene in a major way. We’ll let Pitchfork’s Forms Festival announcement take it away.

Forms – Presented by Pitchfork

In partnership with New York City promoters The Bowery Presents, we’re happy to announce Forms, a full-on four-day multi-media festival in New York City. Forms celebrates and explores the interconnected and growing worlds of independent music, art, and gaming. Also on board as a partner is videogame arts and culture company Kill Screen.

With a goal of showcasing the creativity, independence, innovation, and interactivity happening in the growing platforms of music, art, and gaming, Forms looks to go where other music-centric conferences haven’t by giving equal weight to these mediums and bringing them together in unusual and exciting ways. Musicians will work with visual artists, game designers with musicians, game designers with artists. We’ll present bands in galleries, artists in clubs, games everywhere in between. Forms will surprise and bring new experiences to audiences by presenting musicians, artists, and game designers finding common ground and drawing inspiration from and beyond their primary field.

Forms will take place February 1-4, 2012, with music performances focused across Bowery Presents venues, and additional art, music, and gaming programming happening at museums, galleries, and DIY spaces throughout the boroughs.

Dope. No more info as of yet – if you hit their website, you’ll only see a promotional GIF and the set of dates above. We’ll report back when they reveal prices and purchase dates, at which point we expect the frenzy surrounding this event to really kick in.