The Rapture

photo via Spencer Crooks

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The Rapture

The Factory SF hosted the Bay Area stop on The Rapture‘s first tour in five years. The Owl Mag was there to document the half-decade┬áreunion, a set drenched in warmth and familiarity that prompted the most Melviny of Melvins to loosen their suspenders and shuffle their feet. (Who’s surprised? I’ve witnessed more than a few staunchly dance-opposed friends dancing to The Rapture – it’s part of their mystique at this point.)

The band took the stage and it was like seeing an old friend after years apart; everything feels so familiar and right. There was no warm-up period, no awkward hellos, they just launched into their set. No one asked questions, only danced and welcomed them with open arms. The fans were ready as they crammed into the large room, trying to get as close to the stage as they could to jump and sing along with all the disco-rock jams the band could throw out.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

photo via Andrew Herrold

Spin Magazine, by way of Aural Standards, recounts the (perhaps gratuitous?) larger-than-life Smashing Pumpkins liveshowaganza at LA’s Wiltern Theater. The concert seemed to live up to its mammoth scale of presentation:

For their encore, the Pumpkins pulled their ace in the hole. Beneath a massive light rig bedecked with gold streamers and giant pinwheels mosaic-ed with mirror shards, they had the crowd hypnotized. The sing-along was already in full effect when the band dropped out to let their fans take it: “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a — ” before Corgan let out that famous screech, the wail of a strange animal, a tortured coyote, and it sounded better than ever.

The Pacific Festival

Pacific Festival

photo via Kristy Sparow

Kill the Microphone posts a snapshot review of Pacific Festival OC, host to the likes of Snoop Dogg to Calvin Harris, with this tantalizing lead:

Oak Canyon Ranch shimmered so beautifully in the sun (and no, it wasn’t the raver glitter). The weather: perfection. The crowd: mellow as fuck. The line up: TO DIE FOR.

The real magic of her festival coverage, though, is the fantastic, humanizing gallery of crowd shots. Hit the link to please your eyes.