Twitter, Twitter! Portishead

Twitter Twitter Chatter: Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks. Portishead rocked the Sound Academy in Toronto last night, by near unanimous opinion. In fact, when we do these Twitter-based reviews, we try to tell some sort of diverse story with the reactions we find – but this one’s about to play out like the easiest game of “Which of These Things is Not Like the Other?” ever.

Among the near-unanimous sentiments in our Twitter timeline: Beth Gibbons sounded freaking fantastic, the synced visuals were expertly handled, and the notoriously bad-sounding Sound Academy sounded less bad (confirm, Torontonians? We’re not familiar with the space). If Portishead’s tour hasn’t yet landed in your city, we certainly encourage you to beg, sneak or steal your way into their upcoming shows, because as @blackwallsmusic points out, it might be a while til you get another chance (thirteen freaking years!). The overwhelming audio/visual display certainly left concertgoers in the mood to Twax Poetic (Twitter Wax? No…? Guys?) on their way out. For instance, although @eatspecialk might have landed in this post on merit of an excellent handle alone, it doesn’t hurt she had some elegant words for the birds on her way out.

First, a setlist. Note: “Mysterious” was actually “Mysterions” – Mark apologizes profusely for his transgressions.

If Portishead told you to jump off a bridge…?

(This closing sentence brought to you by the advice my kindergarten teachers were giving me around the time Portishead got their start. Yikes.)