Preview the 2011 Treasure Island Music Fest

Photo By: Paige K. Parsons

Preview the Treasure Island Music Fest with tracks from 5 festival artists we’ll be planting ourselves in front of come Sunday afternoon.

Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment presents the Treasure Island Music Festival, where San Francisco’s Treasure Island will play host to one of the city’s most well-loved music festivals on October 15th and 16th. Below, find Thrillcall’s top five must-see acts for Sunday, October 16th:

The Antlers

Initially started as a solo project by lead singer and guitarist Peter Silberman upon moving to Brooklyn, The Antlers have now grown infinitely.With songs like “Every Night my Teeth are Falling Out,” and the most memorable album cover since Radiohead’s In Rainbows, it’s safe to say if it’s that pure “indie” nugget you’re looking for to define your Treasure Island Music Festival, these guys will leave you speechless.

Death Cab for Cutie

I don’t want to bring up the genius, 10-minute, stalker song but I will. Remember that? Death Cab for Cutie defined our generation in many ways, but the fact that they still continue with the whole metamorphosis thing, maintaining what made them great but bringing it into some seriously great new shit, like “You are a Tourist,” which you can watch below. I would call them legends, which is reason enough for them to be #2 on our list.

Explosions in the Sky

I have a story involving Explosions in the Sky, and exactly how their peacefully ominous music helped me keep two teenage guys from jumping in a pond, and quite possibly drowning because they wanted to be ducks, but that’s for another time. Explosions will give you lullabies, and self described “cathartic mini-symphonies.”


This may be my bias for very talented, heartbreakingly beautiful girl groups who can sing, (and let’s face it, these ladies are unique), but I know Warpaint’s performance at TIMF will absolutely rock your socks.

The Head and the Heart

You probably remember all of the SXSW buzz around The Head and the Heart, the Seattle-bred eclectically mixed folk-pop band. As we find The Head and the Heart to be a generally mellow undertaking, it will be a nice change of pace if your ears are still ringing from Saturday’s bass.

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