Treasure Island Music Fest

Photo By: Paige K. Parsons

Preview the Treasure Island Music Fest, one of San Francisco’s most loved musical shindigs, with cuts from 5 festival artists we consider must-sees on the Saturday bill.

Noise Pop and Another Planet Entertainment presents the Treasure Island Music Festival, where San Francisco’s Treasure Island plays host to a music festival on October 15th and 16th. Just two weeks after the bluegrass and country-heavy Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco will draw a very different cadre of bands and fans: over 25 groups playing indie-pop and electronic instrumental, and fans without tie-dye, flannel, and old Grateful Dead t-shirts. Treasure Island began its life in 1936 as a landfill haven for the Golden Gate International Exhibition, which formally announced San Francisco’s recovery from the 1906 earthquake and fire to the rest of the world.  75 years on, it becomes the home for a festival that celebrates the music of a new generation. Below, find Thrillcall’s top 5 must-see acts for Saturday, October 15th:

Flying Lotus

Laptop production has infiltrated our music culture, and Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus is at the helm of the movement. Mixing experimental sounds, genres, and effects, Flying Lotus is the most daring of the truly independent form, which is why you’ll see him standing at the top of our list.

Empire of the Sun

We’ve all heard “Walking on a Dream” on the radio, but you may not have known that Empire of the Sun is responsible for this and many other electronically vibrant hit songs. The duo hails from Australia, and their potent theatricality is bound to bring the heat.

Cut Copy

What is it with Aussie’s bringing da funk? Indie-tronic, synth-pop extraordinaires, Cut Copy come in at number 3 on our list of must-see acts. Their sound has most recently molded into more mature form, transcending the 80’s dance beat to become something all its own.


Oh Canada! The guys of Chromeo hail from up North y’know, eh? But your DJs are playing them, and you’ve danced sloppy drunk to them several times. I know you don’t remember, but trust me. If nothing else, we want you to do it again.

The Naked and Famous

Given the overwhelming amount of bands and artists with one or two members, it’s comforting to know that The Naked and Famous will be there to fill your stage plump full of energy. This New Zealand act has been recognized with nominations, awards and chart-toppers left and right. In a crowded, indie-tastic day one lineup, we still say this group can’t be missed.