Star Slinger, Shigeto and Mux Mool played The Rickshaw Stop in SF.

Star Slinger will be entering your orbit soon.

Popscene pulled together a packed bill at The Rickshaw Stop in SF last night, as Manchester’s Star Slinger called on support from Shigeto and Mux Mool to rock one of the city’s most famous dance parties. Our quick take:


Originally from: Ann Arbor, MI
Favorite Track(s): “So So Lovely”
For fans of: futurebeats via jazz

Gut reaction: Shigeto builds warm, engulfing jams by naturalizing the off-kilter motifs of his contemporaries. Dude can drum his ass off and launch loops at the same time – and he uses it as more than just a stage gimmick. His intimate jazz background translates into a beautiful sense of texture and space, which makes his beats go that much harder when they do hit. Halfway through his set, my cohort David mused that this might best one of the night. It wasn’t clear-cut, but nobody disproved him, either.

Mux Mool

Originally from: Minnesota / New York
Favorite Track(s): “Night Court” / “Lady Linda”
For fans of:  futurebeats via smooth boom bap

Gut reaction: Bass and mid makes muck. I’m a big fan of Mux Mool when his mixes balance out, but most of the set suffered for want of an extra layer or two, especially in the high frequencies. When the leads dropped and the songs filled out, people stopped shuffling in search of rhythm and got to dancing for real – but it always strayed back into mellow territory too quickly. It’s tough to sell (relative) calm to a rabid dance party, though the buzz from the crowd would suggest he made plenty of new fans and lost none simply by sticking to his guns.

Star Slinger

Originally from: Manchester, UK
Favorite Track(s): “Mornin'”
For fans of:  futurebeats via encyclopedic knowledge of old-school hip-hop.

Gut reaction: Maybe I feared “too much of a good thing” – these dudes carving out this new genre tend to keep their tour lineups pretty tightly knit. But Star Slinger’s maximalism separated him both from his openers and his recorded material, like maybe his agenda was to swallow the crowd with sound. More is always dangerous if you don’t handle it right, but here it turned out to be the cure for antsy feet. As a bonus, Star Slinger’s keen sense of detail managed to stay somewhat intact in the murk – though by 12:30am, us dancing fools in the crowd plainly wouldn’t have given a shit about that side of things either way.

Bonus: we’ll be back next week for the Foster the People afterparty at Popscene, and you can join us! We’re giving away two free tickets on our Facebook page.