Lupe Fiasco at Occupy Wall St.

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite live concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

Where there is protest, art will surely follow. The #OccupyWallStreet movement has drawn endorsements from a number of notable figures, with plenty of musicians among them. Arguably none so famous as Lupe Fiasco, whose Twitter feed has been infiltrated by consistent support for the Occuptaion. After talking the (succinct) talk, he walked a pretty potent walk by releasing a poem entitled “Moneyman” and following it up with an address to the crowd yesterday. A few critical tweets stuck out among the fervent outpouring of support, though @JonnyWalker27 may have the explanation as to why more celebs won’t step into this minefield.

Lupe might be the largest name in the music industry to endorse the protests, but Jeff Mangum’s surprise emergence from hiding was arguably more stirring for protesters aware of the Neutral Milk Hotel brainchild’s severely reclusive nature. He instantly converted huge chunks of the crowd into an Impromptu Jeff Mangum Backup Choir over the course of his 8-song set (watch Mangum’s set at We hope @clare_fletcher stuck around to discover that it was furreall – we would never wish two consecutive heartbreaks upon anybody.

Michael Franti played a few songs, surprising precisely nobody. As usual, Franti had some wisdom to impart about this whole activism thing, a merry-go-round he’s ridden once or twice in his life. His point about sustained involvement is a good one, and echoes veteran Occupants’ gripes about the politically ambivalent Radiohead fans who bitched and moaned after a free concert never materialized (it was flatly denied by the band all along).

Favorite tweet that didn’t make the cut lumped Mangum and Franti in the same league, noting only “jambands” were playing the protest. Worst grasp of musical genres award goes to…well, better that we don’t give them publicity.

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