Page 9 Interview

Page 9 includes singer: Josh Roa-Martinez, bassist-Lindan Scott, and guitarist-Kelsey Madden, now finishing up their summer tour across the country with a show in their hometown of Texas. This tight-knit trio came together after a lot of searching. The original Page 9 was founded years ago by their lead singer Josh while he was in high school, and soon he realized there was nothing from stopping him from pursuing it as a full-fledged career. Though the idea was concrete, Josh admits “this is definitely not the first lineup of the band.” He jokes candidly about the reincarnations that have taken place, so he can’t give you a “hallmark story about meeting in a chemistry class and nerding out over Something Corporate and playing Blink [182] covers” in their drummer’s garage. The members currently representing Page 9 have proven that they are in this for the long haul, finally having found the right balance.

I spoke with Josh, the lead singer and founder of Page 9, to get to know more about the band’s style and list of favorites. What I got back in answers made me realize there’s an even more obvious reason these guys (and girl) are gaining Facebook fans by the thousands. It’s not just that their music is uplifting and genuine, it’s that the band members are too. Read our chat below:


Thrillcall: Favorite Album?

Page 9: My favorite album is by a largely unknown band called South FM, the album being ‘Swallowing The Pill.’ They are from my hometown. ‘Swallowing The Pill’ is the absolute PERFECT rock record. It’s on iTunes so if anyone has any interest, I highly recommend buying it. The band is now broken up, sadly, but their guitarist GI Sanders went on to start a largely growing company called Fancorps that a ton of bands as big as All Time Low and even Lady Gaga use to manage their street teams. And I guess for a less complex answer, but #2 favorite record of all time is ‘Make Yourself’ by Incubus.

Thrillcall: What are your favorite cities to go on tour and why?

Page 9: Our home away from home in Texas is definitely Kelsey’s hometown of Lubbock in West Texas. We have such a faithful fan base there that we absolutely love to death. We also love playing the Miami area and Chicago as well.

Thrillcall: Favorite piece of musical gear?

Page 9: My microphone is a Shure XLS2 Beta 87A Wireless Mic that is basically the most prized-possession I own, period.

Thrillcall: Favorite Books?

Page 9: Lindan and I try to recommend Max Brooks’ World War Z to anyone we meet. There’s so much more to it than people realize. It’s less of a book about zombies than it is about reality and how years of progress have ultimately left humanity jaded. There’s so much political and tactical context in that book that it really is an inspiring read.

Thrillcall: Favorite Food?

Page 9: Pork Chops! Although we as a band recently started dieting just to get into healthier eating habits on the road and such. So we’re starting to get down on some fruit and salad as well!

Thrillcall: Favorite musical memory from childhood?

Page 9: Personally, my favorite story is from when my mom and dad were still married. One evening my parents and I were driving somewhere and I was about 12 when Phil Collins’In The Air Tonight” came on the radio and again. I was young, so it was my first time hearing it. Imagine my surprise when at the big drum solo break in the song (you know ‘*duhduh duhduh duhduh duhduh DUH DUH*’) and my parents start air drumming to that part, in unison, completely out of nowhere. It blew my mind that music had such a strong hold on people that it made my almost-40-year old parents act like kids because they were so happy. I think that was one of the first times I realized I wanted to make people that happy, if only for a few minutes, by becoming a musician.

Thrillcall: Favorite TV show?

Page 9: The Simpsons. Hands down.

Thrillcall: What do you want your music’s main message to be?

Page 9: I think our music’s main message is about perseverance and optimism even in the harsh light of reality. With us, it’s always been about our fans. So ultimately we want to take every avenue available to us to make as many as we can and make them feel as good as we can though our music. What that breaks down to for us is a ton of recording, touring and all around doing what we do. We’re always working. Always moving forward.