Odd Future

Photo via Fred Casano

Odd Future

Odd Future‘s performance at The San Diego House of Blues was captured in words (not to worry! Many of the definitions for these words can be found on urbandictionary.com) by Fred Castano for Mostly Junk Food:

“I took refuge on the balcony with a few other scribes and some overpriced gin-and-tonics in a bid to avoid getting swept up in the madness that was the pit in front of the stage. Chants, curses, shoes, and bras were flying every which way, all BEFORE Syd the Kyd strolled onstage and dropped Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Karma,’ which was akin to giving a crowd of hyper 7-year-olds a mixture of Redline and Four Loko. And once GOLF WANG rushed the stage, it was like adding crack to the mix.”

Devotchka / Elbow


Photo via Philip Cosores

Meanwhile, in LA, not too far from the above mentioned craziness, yet still with a hearty amount of raucous, these two great bands and performers were photographed beautifully by Philip Cosores for his review of DeVotchKa and Elbow at the Greek Theater, Los Angeles:

“Towards the end of their set Garvey explained to the audience that 2011 is their 20th year as a band, so they’re celebrating that fact every night. Shots were brought onstage and the quintet gathered around the keyboard once more to play a stripped down version of “Weather To Fly” – a song about their enjoyment of life as a band.”

Active Child / Silver Swans / Chad Valley

Active Child

Photo via Darryl Kirchner

Finally, the SF Critic attended a local show at San Francisco’s very own Bottom of the Hill. Performers included Active Child, Silver Swans, and Chad Valley. All three of these bands are new to me, and all three of these bands made me regret NOT making this show:

“a cool air of elegance filled the room with Active Child. Listening to him can make someone feel more sophisticated, the same way looking at man smoking a pipe in a dark parlor would make one think he’s a dapper chap. The added echoing effect on Pat Grossi’s vocals creates a chant like reverberation that coupled with his harp playing reminds me of classical Baroque music or what I’d imagine the music was like at a Grecian party.”