Twitter, Twitter! Bon Iver

Twitter Twitter Chatter: our favorite live concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks. The Bon Iver tour stopped at The Orpheum in Vancouver, B.C. this past Sunday, and his appearance set more than a few hearts a-flutter. We can only hope @KristinaG15 made it home okay.

Word from the Ladyfolk

@MaRatatat (bluntly) pointed out the prominence of the fairer sex, reason enough for this tour to appeal to single gents – assuming, of course, that Justin Vernon’s James Dean-ian aura doesn’t overshadow your game. (With “Skinny Love” playing in the background, good effing luck.) But plenty of dudes made it out for the music. @VancvrSam left The Oprheum all mushy, a sentiment he shares with a handful of celebrity attendees – among them James Blake, members of Broken Social Scene, and Hurley from LOST (Teen Daze was excited-and-a-half about that last one). Tack on more than a few “best show ever” claims, and this shapes up into a tour you cannot miss.

Word from the Menfolk