Last week we announced some delectable giveaways to Polyvinyl Record’s 15th anniversary showcase (which should be a doozy). If you missed it, don’t worry – this week we’re passing off the crown jewel of our promotional run. We’ve got two (2) passes to the Pygmalion Music Fest in our hands, which will get you into every show at the festival (including that PV15 party). And we’ve made it almost insultingly simple to enter to win them:

1. Follow @Thrillcall and @PygMusicFest on Twitter.

2. Retweet this (or some flattering variation of it). Entries close Sept. 9th at 3pm PST.

3. There’s no step 3 because you’re already done, but you could read the official contest rules if you like legalese.

Good luck! Thrillcall loves you.