Dalal Interview

Austrian born singer and actress, Dalal Bruchmann is taking over your nightlife with her new hit single and sultry music video for “Taste the Night.” Dalal slithers Shakira-esque from the beach to the club’s glittered floors, with essences of such queens as Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga. With a solidly artistic family and some seriously important ancestor’s (they wrote lyrics for Franz Schubert), Dalal has the music and the muse in her blood. You can read her chat with us below: find out how she feels about the NYC heat, what’s in store for her new movie with Mischa Barton, and how being a classically trained child turned into a career in Dance music.


Thrillcall: Hi Dalal! So you’re based in New York City, correct? That’s where we’re talking to you now?

Dalal: Yes. I live here. I gotta tell you the weather is killing me though. I love New York, it’s the greatest place to live, but it’s so hot! Even when I try to work out, and wait until the evening, you step outside and it’s a sauna!

Thrillcall: A lot of your photographs and videos feature really interesting and artistic fashion choices. Do you have any outside interests in art or fashion?

Dalal: Oh gosh, I love fashion. I was invited to New York fashion week and I had the pleasure of Modeling for some amazing designers. I’ll also be modeling for New Jersey fashion week soon. I enjoy fashion a lot. This is going to sound weird but I hate shopping! I think it’s a gift to dress up and find the right things every once in a while. Just some simple things that work. As far as the art interests go though, my mom is a painter, and I do enjoy going to museums. But I’m a terrible painter, I can’t draw at all [laughs].

Dalal Interview

Thrillcall: Can you tell us more about some of your biggest musical influences?

Dalal: Well, I basically listen to everything: jazz and classical especially. I listen to a lot of Michael Jackson, Britney, and lots of musical theater. I love dance music though because it’s always fun and positive as a genre, not depressing at all. Just a good beat put into it. I spend a lot of time listening to classical composers too. Beethoven, Bach; soundtracks are my favorite things to listen to and take it all in. Then there’s always Gaga and La Roux, and other stuff around that one takes in unconsciously and gains inspiration from.

Thrillcall: What are most of your lyrics about, or in other words, what do you want your music’s main message to be?

Dalal: I want it to be something positive, and I want to bring messages of hope and… you know it doesn’t always have to be totally upbeat and happy, but it should have an ultimately hopeful vibe. For example a lot of the stuff I’m working on right now has an undercurrent of melancholic patterns, but overall I truly believe that you should do whatever you do with all of your heart. All or nothing, and give everything.

Thrillcall: So what’s next for you now?

Dalal: We’re working on releasing another single before we release the entire album. I have a couple of movies that I’m working on too, like “Into the Darkness” with Mischa Barton, and New Jersey fashion week, plus some soundtrack projects and some live performances starting in September. They are really heavy with choreography so I’m always so happy to be rehearsing for the shows. I’m just so thankful for the great response people have given me. I have fans writing me from Japan telling me that they enjoy the music. It’s a wonderful thing and it’s pretty overwhelming for me that people not only have access to what I create, but also that they can listen to it and enjoy it.