After having a lovely lunch at Tartine, a group of six southern California troopers braved the packed N-Judah Muni and wandered Golden Gate Park in search of Speedway Meadows.  I knew we were heading in the right direction when we heard the voices of 17,000 attendees singing “Happy Birthday” throughout the lush forest-like venue.  Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic’s singer, was too gracious to celebrate his 32nd birthday with thousands of his fans in San Francisco.

Even as latecomers, we luckily claimed a decent spot perched up in the hills overlooking the happy and interactive crowd.  Some people were up on trees embracing the elusive sunshine while listening to the free music, and the humorous singer did not fail to acknowledge the “tree-people’s” presence.  The energetic band rocked out their hits “Good Life,” “Apologize,” and “Secrets.”  They also belted out Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” and Justin Timberlake’s “Bringing Sexy Back.”  They finished off the fabulously warm afternoon with a song from their upcoming album.

I enjoyed the surreal ambiance, but more importanly, I am thankful for the band’s lively and playful performance.  I admit that I didn’t know much about OneRepublic before the event, but I’m a newly converted fan now.  It was their last show before they work on their next album, and I look forward to hearing more of their songs and seeing them live again soon.


OneRepublic has upcoming shows! Click here to find one in your city

[Watch]-OneRepublic-“The Good Life”