Foster The People Chicago

Foster the People performed here in Chicago this past Sunday night to a sold out crowd. Sunday nights are usually nights I don’t go see shows, but this was such an amazing way to end the week, with fun and outrageous dance music, that I simply had to make an exception. It was such an interesting experience watching F.T.P. live. It is like a set of musical chairs up there, everyone in the band always moving all around the stage from song to song, banging on everything from the single drum to the key boards. It certainly keeps you on your toes at all times, constantly wondering whats going to happen next. I happened to be in the very front for this show, and I was dancing with everyone around me, which was such a fun time.

Foster the People live at Lincoln Hall

I even had a guy next to me who was screaming “It’s the Foster People” which kept me laughing, (and not to mention his dance moves were out of this world). For all you who missed them at Lincoln Hall you must go to Lollapalooza and see them, seriously. I promise you will not be disappointed! As the show ended, I was actually able to meet the lead singer, Mark Foster, thanks to a mutual friend. Mr. Foster was saying he is originally from Ohio, but now lives out in LA. For someone that is on the road as much as he, he certainly seemed to have past shows and upcoming show very straight in his mind, which was quite impressive. He was also saying how nice it was to be in Chicago, since they had been in much smaller towns the days before. If you don’t have their album yet, go get it and have a dance party!

[Watch] Foster the People- “Pumped up Kicks”