Kylie Minogue played the Bill Graham Civic auditorium in San Francisco.

 The day began like any other weekend concert day at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium… wait. Scratch that. Throngs of devoted followers of the modern-day Aprhodite that was to perform that night waited outside from the wee hours of the morning to secure a primo spot in line, just to get close to the songstress on stage. I’m speaking of Kylie Minogue, of course, who recently paid a visit to San Francisco on her Aphrodite tour. Hyped as one of the concert events of the summer, Minogue spared no expense (nor did she spare a single sequin) crafting the stage show.

Centered around the greek mythos of the goddess Aphrodite, the stage was littered with marble columns, dancers with massive angel wings, and acrobatics galore. Kylie herself had to have gone through at least a dozen costume changes, seemingly one for close toevery single song on her set. The setlist for the evening contained many of her hits such as “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” and “Come Into My World,” as well as songs off her new album (aptly titled “Aphrodite”) like “All The Lovers,” “Better Than Today,” and “Higher.”

Minogue kept the crowd whipped into a frenzy with her impeccable timing of highs and lows, leaving them constantly wanting more. The one disappointment of the evening: she did not perform the very first song I ever heard by her. A little ditty in the 80’s called “Locomotion.”  C’est la vie, it was a magical night to remember, one that was not easily shaken off as I stepped out into the crisp San Francisco air.