Trace Cyrus Interview

Thrillcall teamed up with LA-based clothing label KILL Brand, along with Trace Cyrus (yes, that Cyrus) at this year’s Bamboozle Festival at The Meadowlands in New Jersey to bring the harmony of great fashion and great music together, with much success. Trace Cyrus, formerly of the band Metro Station, has re-emerged with a new project and a clothing line to boot. The project, named Ashland HIGH (after the area of Kentucky he grew up in), moves away from the pop-rock sound he previously displayed in favor of a more polished electro-pop sound. During our weekend of working together, I had the chance to ask Trace a few questions regarding all that he has coming up in the near future…


THRILLCALL: Ashland HIGH is quite the departure from the rock sound you previously had with Metro Station. What prompted you to venture more into the electronic side of pop music?

TRACE CYRUS: I just wanted to be creative with no boundaries. There’s a lot of stuff on the radio right now that is more on the electronic side, so I wanted to step into that market, so hopefully it’s a success.

THRILLCALL: When can we expect a release of material from your new project?

TRACE CYRUS: I’d say give it another at least 6 months. It’s not as much the songs I don’t have, it’s all the paperwork and getting all the bullshit out of the way. It’s on the way and everything is going smoothly, so I can’t complain. Just trying to get the perfect 10 songs for the album. I’ll definitely be touring before the album drops, so be on the lookout for that.

THRILLCALL: What was it like working with Loretta Lynn and George Jones on “Country Music Has The Blues”?

TRACE CYRUS: That was crazy because that was the first song I ever had songwriters credit on. I did it with my Dad, and that was the first song I wrote with my Dad too. Loretta and George sang on it… it was a crazy first experience, and it’s something I’m very proud of.

THRILLCALL: How did your clothing label, Southern Made Hollywood Paid come about?

TRACE CYRUS: I had the name in my head a couple years ago, I had a clothing line before that but just didn’t have the right people behind it. Once I met Jonny from KILL Brand, all the pieces fell into place. Like I always say, it’s about who you know and where you go. I met some of the guys from Runner Runner, and they put me into contact with KILL Brand, so that’s how Southern Made Hollywood Paid got started. Jonny and I are a team together, so whatever happens will happen.