Born of Osiris Interview

Quickly becoming one of metal’s most brutal bands on the scene, Born Of Osiris has been keeping a steady schedule of touring and releasing epic records since they were signed to Sumerian Records in 2006. To date they have released two EP’s and two full-length albums, with constant touring between all releases. Their latest offering, “The Discovery”, has debuted at #87 on the Billboard charts, and they show no signs of slowing down on their quest for world domination. Thrillcall had a chance to have a quick chat with frontman Ronnie Canizaro and keyboardist/vocalist Joe Buras while at Bamboozle, and here’s what they had to say…


THRILLCALL: How do you guys like being on Sumerian Records?

BORN OF OSIRIS: Sumerian Records fucking rules. Very nice guys, they’re like a family. They look out for us. We were one of the earlier bands to sign to the label, so it’s been really interesting to see how they’ve gotten bigger and bigger.

THRILLCALL: What was the recording process for your newest full-length album, “The Discovery”?

BORN OF OSIRIS: It was sweet, we did it all by ourselves pretty much. We rented our own studio, and got to be a lot more creative with the process. Jason Suecof mixed it, it was engineered by Don Byczynski, and mastered by Alan Douches.

THRILLCALL: Who are you guys currently on tour with?

BORN OF OSIRIS: We’re about to go to Europe with The Faceless and Veil Of Maya and there’s an opening band as well, Gorgone.

THRILLCALL: What’s coming up in the near future for Born Of Osiris?

BORN OF OSIRIS: We’re doing the Converse All-Stars tour with Emmure, For Today and a bunch of other bands. Hopefully we’ll be filming a video soon for Follow The Signs as well.