Hold Me Luke Allen Interview

“In late 2009 a bass player, another bass player, and a drummer stepped out of the rhythm section shadows and into the spotlight to realize a vision that combines musical influences ranging from trip-hop and electronica to grunge and punk. With a limited songwriting history, a load of production knowledge, and a strong vision, Hold Me Luke Allen has found their rhythm.” Band members include Maile Thiesen (Vox | Guitar | Electronic Production | Synth), Bryn Knowles (Bass | Vox | Guitar | Synth), Sonya Trejo (Drums | Vox | Guitar)…

“Some songs show a heavy 90’s influence (Slint and Rodan come to mind), yet display a revved up, electrified, and pulsing groove that drags listeners into the now. With cool stop/start arrangements, pounding beats, haunting vocal breaks, strange effects and disembodied voices, the most rock driven numbers hit the ear gauzy and dreamily washed out, a little bit shoegazey but still warm and dreampoppy. Other songs slant more to a post-punk sensibility with a more sensual & electronic disposition (the more emotional aspects of Le Tigre merged with the glacial elements of Blonde Redhead, perhaps)” (Hold Me Luke Allen Info). Thrillcall was able to speak with Hold Me Luke Allen’s lead, Maile about their music, their upcoming shows: (They’ll be playing at El Rio July 22!), and what drives them in the everyday.


THRILLCALL: What are your fondest musical memories?

HOLD ME LUKE ALLEN: My (Maile’s) alternative high school band that I lovingly named, ‘Bad Attendance’. We covered Tori Amos’s song, “Leather”, which caused great controversy with the parents. AWESOME. Our music teacher was also our janitor. His name was Bob. He painted the custodians office with a full mural of the Grateful Dead Bears. Bob RULED.

THRILLCALL: What musicians are you listening to right now? Is there one artist in particular who inspires you?

HMLA: We’ve been listening to a lot of Wild Nothing, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Lisa Dewey, The Lovers, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Cher Horowitz, Night Call, Geographer, Eighteen Individual Eyes, Elle Nino, Warpaint, Play/Start, Kelly Moe, Joy Division, Little Dragon, The Weekend, and Esperanza Spalding. It’s pretty all over the place.

THRILLCALL: How did you all decide/come up with the name “Hold Me Luke Allen” for your band?

HMLA: Our band was originally named, Happy Talk, after the South Pacific tune. Unfortunately, there was another band from NOLA called ‘The Happy Talk Band’ who weren’t too keen on us using a similar name, so they sent us a cease and desist. We decided to honor their request by naming our band after their lead singer, Luke Allen….hence, Hold Me Luke Allen (HMLA) was born.

THRILLCALL: How would you describe your music to a public audience if they had never heard you play before?

HMLA: Post-punk sensibility with a sensual & electronic disposition…

Hold Me Luke Allen Interview

THRILLCALL: Who writes your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

HMLA: HMLA is a collaborative project. One of our favorite things to do is switch singers and switch instruments, we all do a little something. Sometimes one of us writes an entire song and brings it to the band to flush out. We create hooks, make a beat, and decide who is going to play which instrument, etc. Other times we just start jamming and that develops into a song.

We write about love and loss mostly, we are two scorpios and a virgo, this band is pure emotion. Our songwriting is beginning to change and grow, the more comfortable we become as singers the better the songs get. We all started in the project as instrumentalists who had never been a front person and now we all share that spot light. It’s awesome.

THRILLCALL: Beyond the band, do any of the members have outside projects, social justice movements, art, etc. that really drives you?

HMLA: I’m super passionate about dreams and love, if you text me late at night, sometimes I read them while I’m sleeping and the words enter my dreams and influence the stories. I hope this information will only be used for good 😉

Also, bryn has a blog called, Lick My Bass, that features female bassists, their bands, gear, and links to videos of various performances: http://lickmybass.blogspot.com/

THRILLCALL: What can we expect to see next from Hold Me Luke Allen? What are you most looking forward to?

HMLA: We are in the process of recording an EP scheduled for release at the end of July, 2011. We are most looking forward to writing new songs, further developing our styles, and coming more and more into our own as vocalists and songwriters. Also, having our individual styles bounce off of each other, mirror, and influence each other to create a unique-but-cohesive sound, despite having multiple vocalists.