Motionless in White Interview

Motionless In White, taking their name from an Eighteen Visions song titled “Motionless and White,” have steadily been making a name for themselves with a relentless tour schedule that rivals any other big-name touring act there. This year they were tapped for a top spot on Bamboozle’s “Saints and Sinners” Stage before heading out on the road for the Northeast and Canadian legs of Warped Tour.

Taking the stage the first night of the three-day festival at The Meadowlands in New Jersey, Chris Motionless and crew made it very clear they came to rock. Immediately breaking in the Ghosts in front of the largest crowd possible for their particular stage, they followed up with their fan-written (lyrics) title track for their new album, Creatures. Fists in the air, heads banging out of control, the crowd ate up every second of it.

Before their last song, the debut single “Abigail” from their upcoming Fearless Records debut Creatures, frontman Chris Motionless stated the band’s credo: “We don’t care what music you listen to, what your religion is, your sexual orientation, we’re here to give you a place to fit in, to feel like you belong.” Launching into their last song of the night, the crowd was producing the kind of electricity that only comes from true connection between artist and fan.

After bringing the house down, I met up with Motionless In White’s tour manager who took me backstage and onto the band’s tour bus to speak with lead-singer Chris Motionless, who was admittedly still a little breathless from the performance he’d just given. Here’s what he had to say…


Thrillcall: Your debut album, Creatures, is causing quite a fuss. How was the recording experience, and how have you grown as artists from that?

Chris Motionless: The recording experience was pretty awesome, we had a few problems with computer glitches and whatnot, so that was the only real issue we had. To be recording with an actual producer that really knew what they were doing was awesome, because up to that point

everything we’d done was half-assed or not with the right equipment, something that just wasn’t real. To be able to record a record and do the real deal was awesome. Since then, because of that I think it’s really helped our writing process and being able to demo tracks on the road is really easy.

Thrillcall: People talk a lot about your appearance, Chris. Has this been a long-standing “look,” or was it created for MIW?

Chris Motionless: Probably since 8 or 9th grade, when I heard of AFI, then got into the Misfits I started wearing all black and makeup and everything, it became what I personally liked. Then, when I met these guys and as the band progressed we just kind of took it to extremes, more and more extreme. It’s not doing anything that’s completely unique, but we don’t want to be basic or bland at what we do. Anyone can wear makeup, and it’s just wearing makeup, but we strive to get it to be a little more like WOAH!

Thrillcall: Who are some of your biggest influences?

Chris Motionless: I personally have a lot of different influences. Metallica is the reason I started playing guitar, Blink 182 is the reason I started playing drums, then as time went on I really got into AFI and Misfits, who brought in the Smiths and The Cure. Each band was responsible for getting me into other bands. Currently right now my biggest are Morrissy and The Smith, and Bleeding Through is a HUGE one for me right now.