Anarbor Interview

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Anarbor has enjoyed a fairly quick ascension to being a household name. With their music appearing in such TV shows as The Hills, Sports Center, Scooby Doo, and have even personally appeared on MTV’s “Silent Library.” Fronted by vocalist/bassist Slade Echeverria, the band was signed to Hopeless Records while they were all still in High School. Following up 2010’s “The Words You Don’t Swallow” with a free downloadable EP simply known as “The Mixtape”, the band took some cues from the hip-hop community on their latest release. THRILLCALL had a chance to speak with Anarbor recently, here’s what they had to say:


THRILLCALL: What inspired you to make “Mixtape”?

ANARBOR: We have always noticed hip hop artist putting out mixtapes for free, so we thought we would see what it would be like to put something similar to that out. Kids are always looking for new music, and something different then the usual.

THRILLCALL: Are there any specific reasons why you chose those songs/artists?

ANARBOR: We built a great relationship with Sierra Kusterbeck and Versa Emerge while we toured with them in the fall and thought she would sound great on the track ‘Contagious’. We have always been a huge fan of Ryan Hunter and the work he has done with Envy On The Coast. When we proposed the idea to him he loved it and it went from there.

THRILLCALL: How did you get into licensing your music on television?

ANARBOR: Our label, Hopeless Records and management have had a huge part in getting us all of our placements and building relationships with the networks.

THRILLCALL: What’s next for Anarbor?

ANARBOR: We plan to hit the road with Forever the Sickest Kids on the Zumiez Couch tour, and follow that up with a headlining tour for the summer.