Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves Interview

The Dwarves have long been an institution of insanity when it comes to the punk community. Originally getting their start in Chicago, IL, frontman Blag Dahlia and his crew of ruffians eventually relocated to San Francisco. With a rotating cast of deviants, the constants that still remain are the two most infamous founding members, Blag Dahlia and HeWhoCanNotBeNamed. Thrillcall had a rare opportunity to speak with Blag about the new Dwarves record that is going to be released next month, here’s what he had to say…


THRILLCALL: You recently recorded your first LP since 2004’s “The Dwarves Must Die.” How was the recording experience for “The Dwarves Are Born Again”? Was the dynamic different from working on past releases?

BLAG DAHLIA: The Dwarves Are Born Again is a real milestone because it includes all of The Dwarves from the whole 25 years. New guys like Clint Torres, Gregory Pecker, Chip Fracture mix with middle period guys like Wholley Smokkes, Rex Everything and Marky DeSade and we even brought in the original Blood Guts crew of Saltpeter and Vadge Moore. It’s a cast of thousands so it was a lot of fun for me and the notorious HeWhoCanNotBeNamed!

THRILLCALL: Blag, you’ve starting dipping your toes in the previously unexplored waters of doing live acoustic shows. Has this changed anything you do as a musician, live or in the studio?

BLAG DAHLIA: It’s like working without a net, just me, some funny songs and no ability whatsoever on the guitar. I really enjoy it. I like to do humor songs and novelty songs and the dwarves is more like a Pre Hominid dominance ritual.

THRILLCALL: You’ve also recently begun exploring a poppier side of rock n’ roll with “Candy Now!”, which you formed with Angelina Moysov of Persephone’s Bees. What motivated you to delve into a different genre like that, and how has that helped you grow as a songwriter?

BLAG DAHLIA: That record really flew under the radar, but everyone who heard it really dug it. The songs actually came first, I had all these cool songs and nowhere to put them in The Dwarves trip so I brought in Tom Ayres to play the music and he just killed on it. The guy plays guitar, bass, keys, horns, vocals, everything you could imagine. When Angelina came on board that was the final touch because she has such a beautiful exotic voice, it was a really weird combo of 2 really talented people and, well, me!

THRILLCALL: The Dwarves have long been one of those acts that enjoy working the shock aspect of punk rock, whether it’s actual dwarves covered in blood on your album covers, near nudity in a live setting, or complete perversion in lyrical content. What inspired you to take this path, and have you ever run into any trouble due to these things? If so, what are some of your favorite “problem situations” that have arisen?

BLAG DAHLIA: We have been told since the beginning that we would never last and we can’t do the things we do. Sex, drugs, violence, perversion, it’s all there. Add to that the genre twisting stuff and it’s just so unpredictable that it’s created a problem for 25 years straight. The funny thing is, nothing gets people more pissed than when you make fun of other bands that suck, but we can never stop doing that!

THRILLCALL: With an upcoming European tour, what does your American tour calendar look like? Are The Dwarves going to set America on fire once again?

BLAG DAHLIA: Indeed. San Fran, LA and Vegas in May. All over Europe in June. East Coast July, Midwest August, Mountain states September. We plan to tour this thing until panties drop across the nation.

THRILLCALL: When will The Dwarves Are Reborn be released? Can we expect any limited editions, vinyl releases, etc.?

BLAG DAHLIA: May 3 is the release date for the cd/dvd, I think May 10 for vinyl with a cool insert and free dvd. Then look for 10”s from No Balls Germany and Zodiac Killer USA that feature extra tracks and more dirty art than you can shake your stick at. And ya don’t stop!

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