Los Angeles-based band Olin & The Moon have been pumping out their signature brand of Indie Folk-Rock for several years now, relocating from Sun Valley Idaho to get the ball rolling with their careers. Becoming quite the mainstays on the L.A. music scene, Olin & The Moon have found themselves working their way into publishing deals with many major network television shows, including appearances. Thrillcall caught up with Olin & The Moon in Austin during South by South West, and here’s what they had to say…


THRILLCALL: I remember reading about you guys when you relocated from Idaho to Los Angeles. How did that move effect your sound?

OLIN & THE MOON: I’d say we didn’t really develop a sound of our own until we really got nose to the grindstone after we got here. Where we grew up effected who we are and in turn effected how we sound in a general way. Los Angeles may or may not have changed the outcome of our sound but we’d never know.

THRILLCALL: Since moving to California, have you found it much easier to get your name out there?

OLIN & THE MOON: Probably. It’s easier to get placements through various media outlets through connections we’ve made here. We also stick out here as a roots band. We can also play more often to a wider audience here and that allows the word of mouth to have a greater effect. Also, the bands that are our peers and friends end up becoming bigger bands instead of just local bands in small towns.

THRILLCALL: What’s been your favorite SXSW memory thus far?

OLIN & THE MOON: Just getting to see our friends in bands that live all over the country. It really is rocknroll summer camp. We had some memorable moments but it’s hard to remember. We had a constant beer I.V. going for a week. Plus, we were on the road for 3 weeks before we got there.

THRILLCALL: Now that SXSW has come to a close, what goals do you have for the rest of the year? Any ‘next steps’ you’re looking forward to taking?

OLIN & THE MOON: Yes. We want to keep growing and taking steps forward. We want to finish this album cycle and make another album that’s even better. We especially want to support some bigger bands out on the road and keep hustling. Mostly, w just don’t want to lose any momentum. We also want to keep getting better and better. All that should keep us busy for a lifetime.


Be sure to check out Olin & The Moon’s new album, Footsteps, and watch as they make an appearance on CW’s One Tree Hill, airing on April 26th.

Olin & The Moon- Jackson Don’t You Worry (Cover) from Two Cow Garago