The Frail at Amoeba Records

Tricycle Records recording artist The Frail gave a performance to promote their new EP Laser over Lovers on a warm (scorching by San Francisco standards) and sunny evening in the Haight-Ashbury in the infamous Amoeba Music store yesterday.

“Recently named the best up-and-coming act in San Francisco by Deli Magazine, The Frail has already been featured on MTV, won the viewer’s choice award in Owl Magazine’s ‘Video Makes The Radio Star’ contest, and played alongside the likes of Justice, Moby and Goldfrapp” (Tricycle Records). Thrillcall sat down with The Frail before their set at Amoeba. The interview was full of laughter, (and a few retracted shout-outs), but The Frail frontman Daniel Lannon and lead guitarist Rob Pera had some answers for us:


THRILLCALL: You recently released a new EP, Lasers Over Lovers. How was the recording experience for that?

DANIEL: This EP basically came out of the fact that I had just ended my relationship about a year ago, and what was going through my head is just… when something like that ends where do you go, and where do you put all those emotions? And I realized that music was a really big part of that for me.

ROB: You needed closure.

DANIEL: Yeah, closure. So we went into the studio and laid it down.

THRILLCALL: The Frail always seems to be evolving, including changing up instrumentation, evidenced by adding a guitarist and bassist for the current incarnation of the group. How has this impacted your sound?

DANIEL: I think it changed it a lot, while at the same time holding the true core. I think we sound smarter, and well-rounded. I also think we’re done changing now, well we’re done changing band members at least (laughs).

ROB: We’re not done changing! I’m getting taller!

DANIEL: Oh yeah, and my voice is getting deeper, and there’s hair in places…

THRILLCALL: What drove you to start this group, and how did you all meet?

DANIEL: I think we all met and started talking about music and ideas at SXSW a few years ago, then this year in a drunken haze we realized we were at the same club where we all first met at and we had a special moment.

ROB: It only lasted about 2 seconds, and then we moved on.

THRILLCALL: What can we expect from The Frail in the future?

DANIEL: Right now we’re working on a full-length album and it should be done by the end of the year. We’re also going to be doing some more touring, making a music video for our song “Heartbeats” that will be out May 1, and really just keep pushing and working hard.

ROB: Go for the gold! Oh can you also mention that we love trampolines?


ROB: We slept on trampolines at SXSW in Austin.

DANIEL: No we didn’t do that.

ROB: Well I did.