Lucas Silveira performed passionate searing set mixed with original material and cover songs at The Chuggin’ Monkey on 3/18 for SXSW. Silveira, of Canadian band The Cliks, has recently made the ambitious decision to become a solo acoustic performer. After many years as the frontman for The Cliks, Silveira made the move to the states and began performing by himself. It was a way of finding himself again as a performer, who as a transgender male just recently started taking testosterone, causing a major change in his voice. Here’s what he had to say…


THRILLCALL: How does it feel to be touring independently of your main project, The Cliks?

SILVEIRA: I really love it, it’s my roots. I started out as a singer/songwriter, so when the last two years The Cliks got put on hold I jumped at the chance. I concentrated on different types of songwriting and this felt very grounded, felt right.

THRILLCALL: What inspired you to do a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”?

SILVEIRA: I love pop music, and I’ve always loved doing covers. It also helped document my voice when I started taking testosterone, so people could see how my voice was changing. It was a chance to do a song that I really love by an artist that I love.

THRILLCALL: You recently moved from Canada to Brooklyn. How has that effected your songwriting?

SEILVEIRA: Completely. Brooklyn and New York City in general is really energetic. You have to negotiate your personal space and really stake your claim. It’s a really inspiring place.

THRILLCALL: Your new sound is so raw and real. What made you decide to go the acoustic route with your solo project?

SILVEIRA: I love doing solo acoustic stuff, and my voice started to change so this was an opportunity to adjust to that while doing what I love. From a non-artistic standpoint, labels are drying up so fast these days, so those that are still going don’t want to provide a lot of funds for touring bands. Touring as a solo artist is much cheaper and easier.

THRILLCALL: What’s in store for you as a solo artist? The Cliks?

SILVEIRA: As far as my solo stuff, I’m just getting started. Finally have my album manufactured, which contains 6 covers and 2 originals. As far as The Cliks, I’ve been doing some writing for that, so I hope to go into the studio sometime this summer and plan for a fall release.