Requiemme Management, based out of San Diego, CA, was recently in Austin, TX for SXSW. Founded by Mario Escovedo, (member of successful punk  band The Dragons)  they put on several showcases in conjunction with Devil Dolls Booking, headed by Deborah Toscano. We had a chance to catch one of these shows while in Austin for SXSW, and we got exclusive interviews with two of Requiemme’s artists.

Maren Parusel, a transplant from Germany (now based in San Diego, CA for the past 7 years), made her start in the States as a member of the all-girl punk troupe Wild Weekend. Growing from that experience, she forged out on her own, performing now with a solid cast of musicians under her name. We had a chance to speak with Maren about her recent jaunt to Austin and what the future held for her and the band…


THRILLCALL: You’ve come a long way since Wild Weekend, drastically changing your sound. How did your early experiences with that group shape your work ethic and musicianship?

MAREN PARUSEL: We’re just a different type of band, and my songwriting has headed into a different direction. Right now I get more out of writing pop songs as an artist, I can express myself better.

THRILLCALL: There doesn’t ever seem to be a moment you’re not on tour. How do you find the time to write and record new material?

MAREN PARUSEL: You have to force yourself to make time for it. We did the whole album in Paul’s (Jenkins, of The Black Heart Procession) studio in 2-3 weeks. We all have day jobs and are always going out on tour, so we have to make time to get things done.

THRILLCALL: There are quite a few shows you’ve played here at SXSW. Any bright spots for you?

MAREN PARUSEL: It was overwhelming, we had a really great showcase at Maggie Mae’s Gibson room. The audience was really supportive and really into it. Also played the SXSW closing party with Alejandro Escovedo, so it was great to be on the same stage as him. Style X Fashion show was amazing as well. As a band we were in the runway show, so it was great to be able to display someone else’s art. Sully Sullivan from NYC is also making a book about musicians, so we will be in that as well. Also did a radio show with Dave Morris (Rolling Stone) on Sirius Radio as well, which was amazing.

THRILLCALL: Rumor has it you were approached by Kim Fowley, mastermind behind The Runaways, at last year’s SXSW. How did that chance meeting turn out?

MAREN PARUSEL: Yeah that was pretty crazy. We played a day party at Aquarium, and we were loading out. Kim Fowley stormed out of a club a couple doors down. He walked up and said “you guys look like a band, are you any good?” We went out to dinner with him and talked, recorded a song with him eventually. He offered us a deal, but we as a band couldn’t take it at the time.

THRILLCALL: What was it like recording with Paul Jenkins from Black Heart Procession?

MAREN PARUSEL: It was great, he’s really mellow, but pushes you to be artistic and captures it. If he finds something that’s not right, he speaks up, but doesn’t get in the way of artistic expression.

THRILLCALL: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

MAREN PARUSEL: Hoping to get on the road as much as we can, head east for a much longer time this summer. Want to do a national trip this time out, and recently had a song in a David Arquette movie “Conception.”


Keep an eye out for Maren Parusel’s upcoming debut album, entitled “Artificial Gardens.” No word on who will be releasing it just yet, but we get the feeling it’s gonna be big!